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My mission is to design learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and advances the expertise of the learner.

My background includes working in the healthcare sector and most recently with a software company focused on database management. Up until a few years ago, my primary role was as a software trainer.

But, my career journey that led me to instructional design began with losing a job. Learn more about my story here.

Annette excels at one of the hardest jobs in any organization, persuading a multitude of individuals to help with things for which they are not responsible. The result was a world class training program, Liquibase University. This built-from-scratch program literally helped increase Liquibase’s engagement with its community by two orders of magnitude. In a period of roughly 18 months Liquibase went from talking to a few dozen customers, to 3000+ students, which in turn helped drive a six-fold increase in customer count. Most importantly, Annette did this autonomously, with limited guidance other than building a compelling and engaging set up courses. She quickly learned the fundamentals of Liquibase’s complex technology, built a framework, and then solicited input and reviews from multiple functions to develop, test and maintain the widely-praised program. She is a pleasure to have as a colleague and simply one of the best in her field! – Dion Cornett, former CEO of Liquibase Inc.