Welcome! Glad you are here.
My mission is to design learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and advances the expertise of the learner.

My background includes working in the healthcare sector and most recently with a software company focused on database management. Up until a few years ago, my primary role was as a software trainer.

But, my career journey that led me to instructional design began with losing a job. Learn more about my story here.

“Having worked with Annette for over 5 years I can say with certainty that she is a very focused individual with a strong sense of customer focus. She has managed a great team of field technical representatives through many software migrations and industry changes. The team under me is the help desk support for her team and our customers. Annette has a great communication style and we have had open feedback with each other about our respective teams and their customer interactions. I would be glad to work with Annette in any situation and know she brings a very strong skill set to any team she is on!” Randy Cook, Director of Software Engineering, at Cardinal Health