To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is a Professional Question

I confess I do not have a Twitter account and have never felt a burning desire to create one. I barely have time for Facebook and only for reading posts from friends and family. I am not one who has 300 Facebook friends because I literally do not have 300 friends. No judgment here ifContinue reading “To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is a Professional Question”

Facebook and Professional Privacy

Facebook’s past reputation for prioritizing a user’s privacy has not been great. Facebook, after all, is a business and your data powers its business. Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2015? That was a wake-up call for Facebook users to delve deep into their privacy settings and control who knows what about their online persona (Barret,Continue reading “Facebook and Professional Privacy”

I Got Branded with LinkedIn

There was a time when you worked at a company your entire career. You may have changed departments or been promoted to management and those changes were due to your work being observed daily and in-person. Accomplishments were chronicled in your human resource file and your co-workers and bosses knew who you were and yourContinue reading “I Got Branded with LinkedIn”