My Story

I have attended my fair share of training and wondered what was the purpose? Why was I required to take that course? Did I even learn anything that I can use in the real-world?

I had not heard of instructional design before returning to college. Training was either good or bad with not much in-between. I always attributed the success, or failure, of instruction to the individual delivering the information.

The Journey to a New Career

My instructional design journey began with losing my job.

  • I worked for a Fortune 100 healthcare company for a number of years as a software trainer and people manager. The industry experienced a downturn that impacted jobs and I decided to accept a voluntary severance package.
  • I loved training others and seeing first-hand how learning could positively impact the workplace. But to move forward I needed to complete my undergraduate degree. I had traveled most of my career during a time where online learning was just coming of age so leaving a job I loved actually opened a different door for a fresh start.
  • In my last semester at Midwestern State University, a professor peaked my interest in instructional design and that is when I decided to continue with my education and was accepted into the master’s of science program at the University of North Texas.
  • Reflecting on my career, I realized that as a software trainer I had in fact been creating learning as an instructional designer. Now with my master’s degree in learning technologies, I am better equipped to develop learning that is measurable, meaningful, and process-driven.

My other passion is volunteering. For the past nine years and counting, I spend time every week at a local animal shelter helping staff and assisting in finding furever homes for the animals in the shelter’s care.

My family and a few places we have visited

We head to the mountains every summer to escape the Texas heat even if it is just for a week. We enjoy exploring our national parks and seeing all the majestic beauty of this country.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and two terriers-Cooper and Ollie. I would like to say that the humans run the household but that would be untrue and they know it.

The charities I support: Operation Kindness, MD Anderson Cancer Center, MD Anderson Children’s Art Project, Best Friends Animal Society