My Story

I have attended my fair share of training and wondered what was the purpose? Why was I required to take that course? Did I even learn anything that I can use in the real-world?

I had not heard of instructional design before returning to college. Training was either good or bad with not much in-between. I always attributed the success, or failure, of instruction to the individual delivering the information.

It is much more than one individual. It requires thoughtful and precise planning by many to deliver extraordinary learning.

The Journey to a New Career

My instructional design journey began with losing my job.

  • I worked for a Fortune 100 healthcare company for a number of years as a software trainer and people manager. The industry experienced a downturn that impacted jobs and I decided to accept a voluntary severance package.
  • I loved training others and seeing first-hand how learning could positively impact the workplace. But to move forward I needed to complete my undergraduate degree. I had traveled most of my career during a time where online learning was just coming of age so leaving a job I loved actually opened a different door for a fresh start.
  • In my last semester at Midwestern State University, a professor peaked my interest in instructional design and that is when I decided to continue with my education and was accepted into the Master’s of Science program at the University of North Texas.
  • Reflecting on my career, I realized that as a software trainer I had in fact been creating learning as an instructional designer. Now with my Master’s degree in Learning Technologies, I am better equipped to develop learning that is measurable, meaningful, and process-driven.

My other passion is volunteering. Since 2012, I spend time every week at a local animal shelter helping medical staff, building enrichment, and assisting in finding furever homes for the animals in the shelter’s care.

My family and a few places we have visited

We head to the mountains every summer to escape the Texas heat even if it is just for a week. We enjoy exploring our national parks and seeing all the majestic beauty of this country.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and two terriers-Cooper and Ollie. I would like to say that the humans run the household but that would be untrue and they know it.

The charities I support: Operation Kindness, MD Anderson Cancer Center, MD Anderson Children’s Art Project, Best Friends Animal Society