My Story

Learning Experience Designer and Passionate Learner.

Committed to learning excellence.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and two terriers – Cooper and Ollie. I would like to say that the humans run the household but that would be untrue and they know it.

A few of the charities I support:

Operation Kindness

MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Children’s Art Project

Best Friends Animal Society

What I love most about designing learning experiences is the process of building content and seeing first-hand the results of a well-built program that for the learner is meaningful, impactful, and a positive experience. I have attended my fair share of face-to-face and online training and wondered what was the purpose? Why was I required to take that course? Did I even learn anything that I can use in the real-world?

Time is an expensive commodity so instruction must be purposeful but also enjoyable, and that comes from a comprehensive understanding of how each person learns to optimize their learning experience so they never need to ask the question why.

The journey

I had never heard of instructional design, let alone that there is a science behind how training and instruction is created. It wasn’t something that was in the forefront of my mind when attending training. Training was either good or bad with not much in-between.

How I succeeded in completing my Master’s of Science in Learning Technology began with a undergraduate class in multimedia development. Like so many others, my learning journey restarted with a loss of employment:

  • I worked for a Fortune 100 healthcare company for a number of years as a software trainer and people manager. The industry experienced a downturn that impacted jobs and I decided to accept a voluntary severance package.
  • I loved training others and seeing first-hand how learning could positively impact the workplace. But to move forward in my new chapter I needed to complete my undergraduate degree. I traveled most of my career during a time where online learning was just coming of age so leaving a job I loved actually opened a different door.
  • At Midwestern State University a professor peaked my interest in instructional design and that is when I decided to keep going with my education and was accepted at the University of North Texas.
  • Reflecting over the last few years and my career, it dawned on me that as a software trainer I had in fact been creating instruction as a training designer. Now with my master’s degree in learning technologies, I am better equipped to develop learning that is measurable, meaningful, and process-driven.

My other passions are volunteering and escaping the Texas heat. For the past eight years and counting, I spend time every week at a local animal shelter and have made so many life-long friendships. As an adoption counselor it is so heartwarming to see an animal find their fur-ever family.

We head to the mountains every August and have been trying to visit as many national parks as possible. We love to hike and take in all that our national parks and each state have to offer.

My family and just a few of the places I have been fortunate to visit

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