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Liquibase Fundamentals Certification

Liquibase is an open source project that helps millions of developers rapidly manage database schema changes.

Created in TalentLMS, the course is designed to instruct the learner with the product’s concepts, best practices, and the how-to-use of the tool in their organization to prepare the learner for advanced product master.

This course includes an introduction and five modules which consist of tutorials, activities, animated instructional videos, knowledge checks, and a comprehensive certification test.

Becoming an Animal Shelter Volunteer

Built in Canvas’s Learning Management System, this ten-module course is designed to provide introductory training for adults volunteering with animal rescue organizations.

For non-profit organizations, operating budgets are tied to private donations focused on operations and medical care. Most volunteer training is created by other volunteers in order to minimize the impact to their budgets. This course was created as a pre-built training program that can be customized to the shelter’s volunteer requirements.

Animal shelters can incorporate the course into their overall volunteer training strategy to fast track a volunteer for day one, or choose a specific module to bridge gaps in volunteer knowledge such as animal enrichment.

Sample Documentation

Instructional Animation

TalentLMS Liquibase and CI/CD. Database CI/CD Pipeline
TalentLMS Liquibase and CI/CD. Determining Test Types
TalentLMS Liquibase and CI/CD. What is Source Control?
TalentLMS Liquibase Module 3 Adding Changeset
TalentLMS Liquibase and CI/CD. Database testing
TalentLMS Liquibase and CI/CD. Liquibase and the pipeline

Design Documents

Design Document for Intermediate Level Course
Course Outline for Intermediate Level Course

Technical Writing

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