Liquibase University

Since its inception in May 2020 and with 6000+active participants, Liquibase University focuses on the end user to advance their skill sets towards mastery of Liquibase.

I am responsibile for the project management for the Liquibase University including building content, user support, course maintenance, graphic design (brand identity), and subject matter collaboration.

Course catalog found at: learn.liquibase.com

Volunteer Instruction

Becoming an Animal Shelter Volunteer

Most volunteer training is created by other volunteers in order to minimize the impact to a shelter’s operating budgets. This course was created as a pre-built training program that can be customized to the shelter’s volunteer requirements and training strategy to fast-track a volunteer on day one.

Sample Animation

Sample Instructional Design Documentation

Design Document includes the Needs Analysis and Course Outline

Credentialing System

What started as a one course offering soon became what is now known as Liquibase University. It was clear that a credentialing system was needed to grow the Liquibase University project. Not only to standardize expertise designations to industry standards, but also to guide future learning roadmaps.

The credentialing system incorporates a graphical design element using a specific color ring. This color ring corresponds with all course assets starting with the course tile, to the course badge, and applicable certification badge.